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The Poltimore Dark Sky Experience


Welcome to the Poltimore Dark Sky Experience

The Poltimore Inn in North Molton is situated on the edge of the Exmoor National Park in North Devon.  The Exmoor National Park was the first location in Europe and the second worldwide location to achieve a designation as an International Dark Sky Reserve in 2011 by the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) that now extends to 19 locations throughout the world.

“An IDA International Dark Sky Reserve is a public or private land possessing an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights and nocturnal environment that is specifically protected for its scientific, natural, educational, cultural, heritage and/or public enjoyment.”


As part of a unique location that has access to some of the darkest skies, with minimal light pollution and the best opportunities to star gaze, the Poltimore Inn now offers a unique star gazing experience that is unequalled in the UK.


What is the Poltimore Dark Sky Experience?


The Poltimore Inn now offers a unique experience of exploring deep space using the world’s most powerful digital telescope, the eVscope eQuinox. This is a digital telescope that is one hundred times more powerful than a standard telescope and projects the images onto smart devices so that up to ten smart devices can enjoy the beauty of deep space simultaneously. The eVscope eQuinox allows you to view distant galaxies, comets, nebulae in seconds that cannot be seen with the naked eye or conventional telescopes. This allows you to learn more about deep space, view galaxies and nebulae that you would never be able to see and discover tens of millions of stars.

The Poltimore Inn has a dedicated observatory that allows guests to take advantage of the eVscope eQuinox in the unique location of Exmoor National Park an as International Dark Sky Reserve. Our observatory has a sliding roof that allows the digital telescope to access outer space in a location that has minimal light pollution. For more information about the Exmoor National Park International Dark Sky Reserve, please visit https://www.exmoor-nationalpark.gov.uk/enjoying/stargazing


Why Choose a Dark Sky Experience?

This purpose built observatory allows individuals or groups to explore deep space together, to learn together and enjoy discovering over 5000 deep sky objects with intricate details and colours.

You can collaborate with a global community of astronomers using the Unistellar Network creating scientifically valuable observations. The app allows you to choose which object or target to view within minutes that can be seen from your location. No significant deep space knowledge is required, the app allows you to learn about specific objects that are in your deep space field of vision.



Who is the Dark Sky Experience For?


If you are a budding astronomer, have a basic knowledge of the universe or have no idea what you are looking at, the Dark Sky Experience at the Poltimore Inn offers a completely unique experience. You can challenge your knowledge and learn more about deep space, our own galaxy and galaxies far and beyond, that you would never see, even with a standard telescope.

The eVscope eQuinox allows up to ten smart devices such as phones or tablets to connect via an app simultaneously so that groups of individuals can star gaze and ensure that you are viewing the same object. This is perfect for groups of budding astronomers, for those with a scientific or purely personal interest or for groups that want an educational experience that is like no other and not available anywhere else in the UK.


When Can I Take a Dark Sky Experience?

The Dark Sky Experience is available at the Poltimore Inn on a pre-booked basis only. In order to enjoy the experience, you obviously need dark skies and clear skies as well! The Dark Sky Experience  is available from dusk till dawn and can be booked through the Poltimore Inn. The best time to benefit is during the middle of the night from around 1am to 4am when the natural light from the sun and moon reflection is at its lowest levels.

Our observatory is available for groups or individuals and exclusively for your own use if you wish. Full instruction will be available on how to use the eVscope eQuinox and the correct app to download. For further information, please contact the Poltimore Inn or email contact@thepoltimoreinnnorthmolton.co.uk

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